Pregnancy Specialist

Emily Sikking, MD

OBGYN located in Santa Monica, CA

Pregnancy is an incredible and unique journey. Finding a healthcare provider who understands the patient and supports her prenatal and childbirth plan is integral in having a positive pregnancy and childbirth experience. Emily Sikking, MD/OBGYN, provides expert and compassionate prenatal care in Santa Monica, CA.


When should prenatal care begin?

As soon as the patient suspects she may be pregnant, she should schedule an initial confirmation and planning appointment with her OBGYN. During this appointment, the doctor can confirm the pregnancy and provide guidance for the weeks and months to come. The doctor can review risk factors, answer any questions, prescribe prenatal vitamins, and schedule the first prenatal appointment.

Prenatal appointments with Dr. Sikking generally begin when the patient discovers she is pregnant. Women whose pregnancies are considered high risk are also encouraged to begin prenatal appointments early in their pregnancy.

What should patients look for when selecting an OBGYN?

A qualified OBGYN is experienced, specialized, and board-certified. Patients should be able to easily locate positive patient reviews online or through word of mouth as well as verify the provider’s education and qualifications.

Aside from qualifications, finding an OBGYN who the patient likes and feels connected to is critical. Pregnancy and childbirth are personal and often accompanied by strong emotions and beliefs. Working with a care team who understands what the patient wants, makes the patient feel comfortable, listens to the patient, and provides positive support and guidance throughout the pregnancy can ensure a positive experience from conception to childbirth.

What measures should patients take to prepare their bodies while trying to conceive?

Patients who are actively trying to conceive can take several steps to improve their health and well-being and prepare their bodies for a healthy pregnancy:

  • Begin taking prenatal vitamins about 3 months before planning to conceive and take as directed throughout pregnancy
  • Discontinue alcohol use or limit to a small glass of wine while actively trying to conceive
  • Schedule a planning appointment with their OBGYN to review medical history, including current medications, and family history and get expert recommendations

In some cases, the provider may recommend that the patient discontinue certain medications or exchange them for drugs that are safer during pregnancy. She can also make nutrition, fitness, and environmental recommendations.

Who delivers the baby if the doctor is off?

Dr. Sikking makes a valiant effort to deliver her patients’ babies, providing continuity and comfort to the patients with whom she has established relationships. However, because babies come on their own schedule, there are sometimes cases in which Dr. Sikking is not able to deliver. In these cases, she may refer patients to another trusted provider within the practice or, her own OBGYN, Dr. Sharon Pushkin, who practices in Santa Monica. Dr. Sikking always wants to ensure the best possible care for both mom and baby.