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Emily Sikking, MD

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When you have sun damage, age spots, or discoloration on your face, it can make you feel self-conscious and less than confident. Emily Sikking, MD, of Santa Monica, California, is proud to offer Cynosure Icon® laser treatment, a noninvasive option for improving the look of your skin. To refine and restore the youthful look of your skin, call or book an appointment online today.

Pigmentation & Sun Damage Treatment

What is sun damage?

Ultraviolet (UV) rays, which have harmful levels of radiation, cause sun damage. Varying types and levels of UV rays are present all year round, even when it is not hot outside.

Sun damage has both short and long-term effects, including:

  • Sunburn
  • Dry skin
  • Skin rash
  • Pigmentation, or discoloration
  • Fine lines and wrinkles
  • Skin cancer
  • Broken blood vessels

Skin changes happen in areas where sun exposure is most common, including face, arms, shoulders, chest, and neck.

How do UV rays cause skin damage?

UV ray exposure affects the skin by causing damage to collagen fibers and other tissues that keep skin looking young, smooth, and even. This can cause your skin to sag and look tired.

UV rays also cause increased production of melanin, the cells that give skin its color. Excessive amounts of melanin cells clump together, causing areas of increased color, or hyperpigmentation. These areas may appear as freckles or age spots.

UV rays can impact the production of other cells as well, increasing your risk for skin cancer. Prevention goes a long way to protecting your skin, and early signs of aging.

How can I prevent sun damage and pigmentation?

You can protect yourself and your family from the harmful effects of sun damage by:

  • Wearing sunscreen
  • Using facial care products with SPF protection
  • Wearing protective clothing in the sun
  • Avoiding prolonged exposure to the sun

Sun damage can be irreversible, and once you have discolorations, freckles, or age spots, they will not go away on their own. Dr. Sikking offers the Cynosure Icon laser treatment as a way to treat sun damaged skin and restore your youthful looking skin.

How is Cynosure Icon a sun damage treatment?

Cynosure Icon laser treatment is a revolutionary, noninvasive approach to restoring the texture and pigmentation of your skin. This treatment uses laser technology to deliver therapeutic energy deep into the tissues of your skin, stimulating tissue regeneration and increased production of new cells.

New, younger-looking tissues replace tired, discolored tissues using the body’s natural healing process over several weeks. Best results are usually seen with three to five treatments, spaced several weeks apart.

Dr. Sikking is proud to offer the Icon treatment, which takes just 15 to 30 minutes and requires no downtime.

For a consultation about how Cynosure Icon can treat sun damage and unwanted pigmentation, call or schedule an appointment with Dr. Emily Sikking today.