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TempSure Vitalia is a laser treatment for vaginal tightening and rejuvenation. Unlike MonaLisa Touch (which we also provide), Vitalia is designed to improve the symptoms of vaginal atrophy (laxity, dryness, itchiness, and painful sex) in younger women and women who have recently given birth. The Vitalia device has been approved by the FDA for tightening and restoration of loose vaginal tissue and can also improve nerve sensitivity for a better sexual experience. If you’d like to restore your femininity, this treatment may be perfect for you. TempSure Vitalia uses a radiofrequency (RF) probe to fit into the vaginal canal to stimulate new collagen and elastin cells in the vagina. This will tighten the vagina and will lead to an increase in nerve sensitivity. TempSure Vitalia is the world’s first and only system to offer predictable, temperature-controlled and safe treatments. The Vitalia system will tighten the vaginal canal and improve the appearance of the vaginal skin. As new tissue grows, you will experience increased lubrication and nerve sensitivity. The treatment can also help urinary leaks and incontinence and improve your sexual well being:


  • Improve vaginal tissue softness and lubrication

  • Diminish painful sex

  • Improve stress and urge incontinence

  • Reduce the risk of bladder and vaginal infections

  • Provide tightening of vaginal laxity/mild vaginal prolapse symptoms

  • Provide tightening of the labia for labial discomfort or cosmetic effect

There is no downtime involved with the procedure. Treatments usually last 20 minutes long and there is no pain involved. You will be able to resume your normal, everyday activities immediately.